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Music is Therapy

Hats on my Head

Name: Si

Location: Cornwall,UK

The musical Journey began when I found a magical hat in a charity shop.  Silliness, social comment and my own struggles with mental health are often the catalyst for my work. 

"Classic reggae vibes that instantly transport you to sun-soaked beaches, before intertwining with infectious ska beats!"  

After working as a community musician, playing in different corners of England and generally being silly I finally settled in Cornwall.

Influenced by Reggae, Ska, Surf Rock, Westerns and a light sprinkling of classical (its there hiding in my music!) Featured on aspen waite radio and KR7

Im currently a 2nd Year music therapy student, me and the hat have big plans, not sure if that’s about the sandwiches or the music yet, either way it’s going to be a journey. You can hear me  discuss life, the universe and my music here! 

Redial Destination